About FUJITAKA : english

Brand philosophy

FUJITAKA is a Japanese brand that holds precious artisan skills passed on over generations and a modern designers’ sense. Since its inauguration, we have been crafting bags one by one by hand, with ultimate care. Japan has beautiful and nostalgic four seasons along with history and culture, which has borne a gentle sense. We proudly live and craft bags in the environment, where we can feel the atmosphere and the flow of time of this country. We want to make bags that are silently there for those who appreciate their cool, fashionable, and adorable value. As Japanese craftsmen, this is our very natural and ever-lasting will. Each day we deepen our knowledge, hone our skills, stay creative, refuse to compromise, and craft bags with sincerity. This has been our ever-lasting joy throughout our history of passionate effort in bag production. As standing in our belief, we feel so much passion and responsibility in the lives of bags we have released to the world. It is our unshakable proud that we have built over so many years. Our will is to keep crafting made-in-Japan bags that we can feel proud to the world. We are FUJITAKA, a Japanese bag brand with the technique, sense and care of Japan.




Since the brand founder was fond of history and Mt. Fuji, FUJITAKA is named after Japan’s symbolic mountain Fuji and Taka, a hawk, an intelligent, accurate and powerful bird. Since its establishment in 1941, FUJITAKA has started its history as a private brand of IKETEI co.,ltd, and has been cherished with a history of over 70 years.

“Fuji (The highest and most beautiful Japanese mountain’s name)” The symbol of Japan; the top in the country with dignity, grace and elegance “Takumi (Maestro)” Japanese spirit fusion of persistence to the traditional craftsmanship and masterly technique, its harmony and perfection.

“Taka (Hawk)” A sharp observation and technique sense of splendid art, honest and down-to-earth craftsmanship “Iki (dapper ness)” Witty design which flexibly introduces the changes in the times Intelligent and chic lifestyle

Color Image

FUJITAKA’s colors are inspired by the color of soil, rocks, plants and flowers which are essential to Japanese beauty and very fine in coloration. Japanese Wisteria, Sakura, Japanese Plum, Young Bamboo, Red Beans, Silver Mouse, Laccifer lacca Kerr, Plaster, Jet Black… these colors have always been found in Japanese nature since the ancient times.

Brand Propose

Japanese modern brand FUJITAKA consists of Japanese masters’ technique and cutting-edge creation of modern mind. FUJITAKA offers bags that satisfy and please customers with originality and be their valuable life partner. With high quality material and detailed care, the country’s top level traditional craftsmen create bags one by one by hand.


It is FUJITAKA’s designers who choose the entire main and sub materials and clasps, and sometimes participate in from the development. They are designed to bring the best out of the material’s natural beauty, and carefully crafted by the hand of craftsmen with traditional skills. With a wish which our sincerity and passion is delivered through our products, modern and stylish FUJITAKA’s bags are crafted with Japanese technique, care and sensibility.

Interlining is the heart of a bag. Although it seldom comes under the limelight, it plays an important role to define the style, texture, and durability of a bag. It is designers’ passion and masters’ skill that combines several types of interlining together to create highly durable yet light weighted bags. Selecting interlinings that clears those conditions and matches the surface material is a fine and complicated job, and it is their know-how, which has been cultivated over the years, that makes it possible. There’s much of FUJITAKA’s specialty in details that can’t be seen from outside.

FUJITAKA uses its original back fabric made with light and stout threads and threads with high colour fastness and low shrinkage ratio. In rainy season, the humidity can damage back fabrics to lose and migrate colours, change its texture, lose shape of a bag and even affect the outer material texture. To avoid those concerns while keeping the bag light strong, we have crafted our original back fabric with the country’s top class technique.

The storage quality for tools and accessories is important for business bags. FUJITAKA planning division pursues a comfortable storage design. A right size pocket for valuables, presence or absence of a fastener, and a pen holder next to a fastener. Furthermore, we always obtain latest smart phones, tablet PCs, and digital cameras, study its usability and size, and reflect it on the storage design. We focus on crafting comfortable bags by quickly adapts to the Japanese lifestyle which is becoming ever more diverse.

The high quality original clasps and fasteners are inevitable for comfortable bags, and they are the base of FUJITAKA. The logo-shaped triangle lock, which is handmade by experienced craftsmen, is our hallmark. EXCELLA fastener is ranked as YKK’s top product; it feels nice and moves smoothly for both ways, making light and comfortable sounds.

FUJITAKA offers a great maintenance service so that the customers can enjoy their bags as long as possible. The experienced bag craftsmen are available for consultation and repairs with sincerity. We also offer FUJITAKA’s original care and cleaning kit co-developed with Columbus. In this, there are original leather cream, which is made to suit FUJITAKA’s products, horse hair brush to clean delicate leather like calf or dust on fine stitches, etc.

Product Line

ftg_eng_title FUJITAKA proposes special order made bags, crafted by Japan’s top craftsmen, who have inherited a standard tradition. It uses top value materials such as well-selected vegetable-tanned leather, box calf, etc. With its edge carefully polished with a plane by an experienced craftsman, FUJITAKA’s two handled crown business / lawyer’s bag holds a properly stately presence to call it as the bag’s masterpiece, a bag that its owner can cherish and appreciate its quality for life.


FUJITAKA proposes modern and stylish adult lifestyle with its wide-range bag design; briefcases made by traditional pressman bag process to give ability to stand on its own, casual and travel bags made with real leather, etc. Utilizing the technique and ideas cultivated over time, FUJITAKA’s bag keeps its weight light and silhouette heavy and rich.


FUJITAKA ACCESSORIES, passion and unique ideas to every stitch FUJITAKA makes excellent use of various Japanese crafting techniques; accordion gusset is one of the traditional techniques, which has been passed on by craftsmen from ancient time, “Hon-Migaki” is the polishing technique to arrange the shape of the leather edges with a plane and sandpaper and use Funori (sea weed) for burnishing, “Kiku Yose” is a designing technique to shape the corners with a paddle to look like petals of Kiku flower. Coin purse, business card case, wallet, etc…FUJITAKA’s unique colour combination and form make its accessory line into a fusion of classic and modern crafts with a playful spirit.